I have now got techniques to how to handle objections and to really get to the heart of what the customer needs.

The course was well structured and certainly got me thinking and reappraising my current work practices.

The course has given me much more confidence and keeping positive on the phone, and making a real change to our

Why select The Sales Training Academy?

As you review your options for a potential training supplier, you will need to be confident that any investment you make will deliver the results you need.

Our objective is to deliver the highest quality training, that really changes behaviour, releases the potential of your selling teams and ultimately delivers results for your business.

Whether you have a new sales team that requires initial training or experienced sales professionals who require further skill enhancement, we will work in partnership with you so that your objectives are delivered in the most effective manner to ensure that the skills and behaviours you need from your sales team become a reality.

Sales Training Academy founder, Lisa Robinson, has over 20 years’ experience working in a variety of companies from small businesses to large multinational companies in a wide range of business sectors.

We use sales techniques that are tried and tested that bring together the best practices from a number of selling approaches. No jargon or hype just simple effective and affordable training.

What We Offer

We specialise in a range of sales training options which can be adapted to suit your specific requirements and needs.

  • Bespoke Training Programmes delivered in house (half day to 1-2 days duration)
  • Sales Coaching & Consultancy
  • Sales Skills Benchmarking

Our training is highly interactive, very practically focused and Individuals will gain new skill sets that they can immediately deliver to make an impact for your business.





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