I found that the course opened my eyes to the fact that Sales isn’t as difficult as I first thought and helped me be positive to cold calling.

The course has given me the confidence to not just take “No” for an answer from new or prospective leads but to have questioning techniques to help uncover their issues & needs.

Sales Performance Benchmarking

Sales Performance Benchmarking is a high ROI activity for Sales management to complete with their teams.

By assessing your team’s effectiveness against a set of specific industry or company competencies will provide you with clear view of your team & individual sales professionals selling effectiveness.

Feedback from this process can be used constructively to pinpoint skills development needs for the team as a whole or identify individual development needs and areas for improvement in specific selling activities.

This approach means your training budget can be targeted where it is most needed, management time is directed most efficiently, and selling effectiveness can really be accelerated.

We utilize state of the art viewing facilities that allow observations and assessment of your team’s selling performance.

Feedback on the team’s selling performance is collated from your own customer feedback as well as feedback from your own in house selling / sales training professionals (if these exist). The inclusion of customer feedback adds huge credibility to the value of the feedback and enables your teams to build even stronger relationships with your important customers.

We provide comprehensive reporting which enables you to pinpoint individual & team skill areas as well as those areas requiring further development. Actual performance improvements based on subsequent training can be determined by repeating the Sales Performance Benchmarking.


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