Telesales tips

Use these tips to improve your telephone selling technique!

  1. Approximately 80% of what people will pick up on when you are on the telephone will be from the sound of your voice and only 20% on the words you use - so work on your voice - make it sound interesting! For example: 'Smile before you dial'... it will put a smile in your voice or vary the pace of your comments.
  2. Be prepared for the rejection and know that it is part of the job.
  3. Try using a headset.
  4. Have a goal and measure your results - keep a log.
  5. Only expect to be on the phone for about 3-4 minutes.    
  6. In telemarketing, getting to the point is much more effective that trying to engage people in a long call.
  7. Work from a prepared script that is flexible and you have tested. It will produce a better structured call. The vital ingredients are that the script needs to be concise, clear, conversational and convincing. Make sure the script identifies the person you are talking to and what to do if you happen to end up with the wrong person.
  8. Target the decision maker and find out how decisions are made. Who else is involved/will you need to talk to?
  9. Plan to have about 45 seconds to get their interest.
  10. Early on have a comment that identifies the benefit that you offer.
  11. Have a hook that will make the person want to talk to you i.e. refer to a person they know or situation they can identify with such as we work exclusively with companies in the 'xyz' field.
  12. Check their availability to talk. "Is this a good time to talk?" If it is a bad time, make an appointment to call back at a certain time.
  13. Get permission before asking questions. "In order to see if what we have to offer will be useful, may I ask you a few brief questions?"
  14. Tell them why you are calling - quickly
  15. Have specific questions to get them talking and help them qualify their interest. Use open questions i.e. who, what, why, where, when and how. Encourage questions. Ask for feedback.
  16. Use their name & Listen!!
  17. Learn to listen and take notes. In a good call they will talk for 70% of the time and you for 30% of the time. How? Pause frequently. Don't interrupt and allow your prospect to fill silence. Let people know that you are listening... use "yes"," I see", "I understand" etc. Find the hot button - people will be interested for different reasons (status, performance, cost, etc).
  18. During the call take the prospects buying temperature... "how does that fit in with your plans", "what do you most like about what you have heard?"
  19. Be conversational, use active verbs and eliminate redundant expressions
  20. Check that they are listening... "how does that sound"
  21. Learn to close - many inexperienced telesales people don't. "Which would you prefer?" "Should I fill out a booking form for you now?" "I would be glad to book you a place today"
  22. End by summarising the advantages and confirming the action and then write to them to confirm.  
  23. Learn to handle objections and probe for them because often they will not be voiced... "do you have any reservations?", "is anything causing you to hesitate?", "why do you feel that way?" . Make sure that they are telling you the real objection... "Is there anything else than concerns you/cause you to hesitate?"
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